There will be circumstances where every available candidate on Temploy (in your city) is already working in other placements or that your job specifications do not align with any candidate on the system. We foresee that if Temploy is new in your city, there will be an initial shortfall of candidates but this will be rectified once more members register.

In tight labour markets, sometimes employers do not realise that their part timer staffing budget is below the collective benchmark. We will soon be implementing a feature that allows Employers to see what is the average ‘asking price’ for the maximum/optimal number of candidates for specific jobs. Presently, if your job is urgent we recommend paying above the average hourly rate for your market.

Temploy’s proprietary matching algorithm is the only one in the market that can provide for an imperfect match - i.e.: if there are two candidates that have entered availability timeslots that intersect your job but do not fill up the entire slot, our system will still suggest those two candidates in lieu of a single candidate who would otherwise match the slot exactly, even if it leaves a gap. This is to maximize the opportunity for candidates who have demanding time restrictions (such as new mothers, the elderly and the infirm) and to also assist Employers who have immediate staffing needs which can be solved even if a partial match is available.

Temploy is different from mainstream online job services in that candidates (And Employers) remain anonymous throughout the selection process until confirmation. This is principally to protect vulnerable individuals who may be marginalised based on age, handicaps, minority ethnicity or religious affiliation and lastly assist individuals whose circumstances in seeking particular employment has social friction; this is particularly important to vulnerable employment where a candidate often has to work multiple jobs.

Candidates and employers exchange contact details only after a successful match and confirmation from both parties. Details will be available on your dashboard after job activation.

Temploy is designed for Temporary and casual work, which by OECD definitions [1] is less than 40 hours a week. Temploy is recommended for short term engagements but not singular tasks.

We recommend including your on-job-training hours inside the schedule for jobs. Creating too small a slot vs actual work will create a misalignment of expectations between Employers and candidates and we suggest adding a few buffer hours to job schedules created. Temploy does not derive any revenue from slot length so please use this feature at your pleasure.

Temploy is particularly useful for hiring large numbers of temporary candidates, especially for event activations, volunteers, interns and more. It saves the line/hiring manager time in that it removes the rigmarole of manually confirming each candidate via phonecall etc and Candidates are consolidated into a single job schedule, ready to be deployed.

Yes, we can create a white-labeled version of Temploy for your organisation’s internal HR, subject to negotiation. Please contact us here


No. Temploy is unique in that Employers search for candidates based on declared preferences and not the other way around as in traditional job websites. The system allows YOU the candidate to be in control of where you want to work, how long you want to work, customisable down to half an hour slots each day. You can program as many slots in the future as you like and choose what is your expected remuneration and location preferences.

Once a suitable job has been found and your entry is selected by an employer, you will be notified and must respond to confirm or reject the match.

Your slots will be locked if an offer is made by an employer but you do not reject it. We recommend that if you do not want to work for an offer, please reject it via the dashboard.

Why we are doing this?

To enhance feedback to Employers so that they will approach only candidates that want that particular job/offer/slot.

You currently cannot do this. Social functionality is not available. Social sharing of jobs might compromise the anonymity of candidates and also create an exploit for candidates approaching employers outside of the Temploy system.

If you have not received any job offers, please check if you have populated your calendar with your chosen skillset, timeslots and other preferences. The more information you provide the system, the easier it is for our algorithm to find you a match suitable to your needs. Common mistakes include putting too few slots (e.g.: creating a half hour slot on one day only) - most jobs are several hours in length during office hours. There are jobs which accommodate late night or early morning availabilities but these are less frequent. Our mission is to precisely break down the fixation of hours for work.

Temploy’s matching brings employers' job requirements and your defined working conditions (time, remuneration, location) to a best possible compromise, even slicing slots to meet availability. There are indeed candidates with very specific requirements which we are trying to help through our system.

As more members join Temploy, in your city there will be a greater frequency of offers.

If you are residing in a country different from where your job location is, please ensure that you are legal to work in your city of choice as per our terms and conditions of use. Temploy is only a matching service and is not responsible for your compliance to territorial labour law. In doubt please consult your local manpower ministry or embassy/mission.


Temploy’s mission is to disrupt the traditional office-hour model of work and empower candidates to work closer to their ideal lifestyle and convenience. For employers, Temploy is positioned to assist in finding the best possible compromise for workers and maximize their productivity through ensuring self-managed work-life-balance. Temploy plans to destroy the asymmetry of information exchange from Employers and candidates as the latter only discovers their real working time and payment as the very last piece of knowledge in the process of onboarding to jobs, creating misalignments.

Temploy levies only a single dollar ($1 SGD) for candidates on successful matches ONLY. This is far more efficient than the traditional recruitment business model’s impact on hiring and does not further burden employers particularly in developing markets and/or small to medium enterprises. As we are matching employers to candidate’s preferences, it is only fair that the candidate pay this nominal amount. In addition, the $1 fee is a safeguard for candidates to think seriously on applying for jobs on the Temploy system and not to frivolously agree to multiple offers without delivering.

[1] International Institute for Labour Studies. Geneva: International Institute of Labour Studies.